We take wireless technology to new levels, both in terms of data encryption and the services that we provide to our client base across a broad range of bonus casino establishments.  Our business has grown at a dramatic rate, primarily due to our ability to provide innovative and secure wireless technology solutions to the entertainment and casino sectors.

Our client base is highly confidential, but needless to say we operate with some of the worlds leading casinos across the globe.  With offices in London, Paris, Melbourne and Atlanta, we are a multinational business and at last count employ over 500 staff.

Our award winning technology includes:

  • Wireless Suppression:

We are one of the world’s leaders in developing wireless suppression technology.  This technology suppresses wireless signals and is used primarily in casino environments where security is paramount.  With the advent of the iPhone and other smart phones, mobile phone technology has posed a considerable security threat to casinos (examples can be seen here:   Our wireless solution is a proactive approach to casino security that is becoming the norm within the gambling communities across the world.

  • Wireless Networking:

Our wireless technology is used by casino clients to securely connect wireless devices across the casino floor.  Using the latest 256 bit encryption we can securely link casino employees mobile devices together to aid secure real time communication. We operate within regulated online gambling markets in Europe.

  • Networking Electronic Gaming Machines:

Our wireless technology is revolutionising the land based casino sector.  Traditionally electronic gaming machines within this sector are networked together via Ethernet cables.  This meant that casinos were restricted in their placement of machines on the casino floor.  However, this has now changed thanks to our electronic gaming wireless solution.  Using the latest wireless standards our casino clients can connect the latest video slots and slot machines through our high encryption wireless solution, meaning that machines can be moved frequently and easily around the gaming  floor without being restricted to traditional cabling arrangements.

  • Wireless Casino Security:

We are at the forefront of developments into implementing the latest wireless security systems into casinos and gambling venues.  Our technology works with all major core casino gambling operating systems, ensuring that real time monitoring and reporting is supported seamlessly across our wireless infrastructure.

  •  Wireless and Internet Slots Tournament Play

One of our latest developments has been to wirelessly connect land based casino slots games to online slots tournaments.  Whilst still in its infancy, this technology allows casino players to connect to pooled progressive slots tournaments, a concept that is proving to be of particular interest to traditional casinos who are looking to implement an online casino platform for their customers.

The above services are simply a sample of some of the cutting edge wireless projects we are currently working on with some of our casino and gambling clients.  If you would like to hear more about how our wireless technology can help your business then please get in touch with our sales team via the contact page which is accessible from the main menu above.